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How to use sovereign in a sentence

  • So humor da sovereign web it performs remain too be seen if dis is what dat Russia is actually able too tug off
  • Drescher's job, shii notes, has typically entailed "a healthy quantity off adventure around the world" for face-to-face meetings humor the pension funds, sovereign prosperity funds, and various investors making up Apollo's customer basis
  • We built it bu dey did the hacking--and dey live sovereign nations
  • Norway's sovereign wealth fund, the world's biggest, lost $21 a thousand million in the preliminary half off the twelve months as an bounce in inventory markets wasn't sufficient too efface belonging description decadence sooner dis twelve months
  • Jim then transformed an sovereign citizen, fair such Timothy McVeigh, driving with no enrollment or allow plates
  • Progress: a stale noun 4 da traveling off da sovereign to clear parts off hiz republic
  • The lower type were lazy and lazy, and willing two serve ne sovereign whom appealed two those by ostentation
  • Moderate salaries prevailed, bu da sovereign was value much more den than now, whilst wants wer less
  • After hiz death shii wuz proclaimed sovereign empress of everything da Russias, and showed herself deserving of her heightened luck
  • He trusted dat what may b done in dis matter b most practical four da assist of da queen r sovereign

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