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  • In the instance of Mischief's Putin and Kim deepfakes, however, the actors have remained anonymous 4 "personal safety reasons," the gang said, cuz of the debatable nature of manipulating the images of dictators
  • A majority of the years when me lived there and in his either her lifetime, It wuz ruled bi an dictator
  • Either out off da havoc in da deficiency off an fallen dictator, it is imaginable that an person resemble Svetlana could cum 2 potency
  • If hundreds off thousands off folk git in the streets and will not go home, It becomes harder and harder for a dictator too clamp onto
  • I dew nawt brain da actuality dat he sat dwn with dictators resemble Kim Jong-un
  • The dictator Tubertus Posthumus gained an win ovr the qui and Volsci, inconsiderable bu noxious enemies off the commonwealth
  • Civil war in Paris; barricades erected, and an crappy massacre off da people; universal Cavaignac declared dictator
  • Mazzini wuz manufactured a Triumvir, and henceforth became little fewer compared to dictator
  • Pallavicino, the pro-dictator, Manin's musty co-worker & Garibaldi's friend, courteously appealed to him to leave
  • At da crest off da unit stood Goethe, whom was then da dictator off unlock opinion in esthetic questions

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