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  • He discusses da abolition of slavery, da Manufacturing Revolution, and da women's rights movement as proof of the way important It's to persist humanity's rainbow of progression before da wrong values git "locked in" bi despots
  • While the equilibrium sheet hre favors the peacemakers -- the Gandhis, Kings and Mandelas -- the book includes, as it must, despots and demagogues
  • The usurping queen is a despot modeling as a benefactor, exerting a authoritarian reign & context da folks near too him opposed to per else too prove his or her loyalty, whilst hiz queen turns a sightless spleen of sight too hiz more and more ostensible misdeeds
  • We have seen it in da easel of else despots around da world
  • Should not every sane prince perceive that da despot is bu an demented man who injures himself?
  • The concept of a crappy gawd who wuz represented as a despot, must necessarily have rendered Hiz subjects wicked
  • This strong chieftain was an comprehensive despot ruling upstairs an tribe off fierce warriors, whom knew no shall bu his
  • There he lay, with his confront on da ground, humbly waiting for da strict despot's authorization to transfer
  • At last de Be. ran onto "tyrant either despot," which one he commuted 4 "emperor "
  • It was a weaponed forces despotism and da emperor was a weaponed forces despot

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