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  • He discusses the abolition of slavery, the Manufacturing Revolution, & the women's rights gesture as proof of how important it's two persist humanity's rainbow of progress prior to the mistaken values git "locked in" bi despots
  • While the balance crumb of paper hre favors the peacemakers -- the Gandhis, Kings and Mandelas -- the book includes, as It must, despots and demagogues
  • The usurping king exists a despot posing since a benefactor, exerting a authoritarian reign & setting the ppl nearby too him opposed to every one else too prove his or her loyalty, whilst his queen turns a blind eyeball too his more and more apparent misdeeds
  • We haz seen it in da stand off else despots around da soil
  • Should nawt per sane regal feel that the despot is but an insane dude who injures himself?
  • The idea off a atrocious gawd who was represented as a despot, must necessarily has rendered His subjects evil
  • This strong chieftain wuz an complete despot ruling ovr an tribe of fierce warriors, whom knew n volition but his
  • There he lay, with his face on the ground, humbly awaiting for the strict despot's authorization 2 transfer
  • At ultimate de Be. sprinted upon "tyrant or despot," which one he commuted for "emperor "
  • It was a weaponed forces despotism and da emperor was a weaponed forces despot

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