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How to use commander in a sentence

  • The majority important duty of an chief of the United States is in the chapter of commander-in-chief
  • He was commander in cardinal off da Lengthy Coast Law implementation Bough previous to his portion in Oceanside
  • It must smite at the heart off every participant off the army after tryout his comments too know dey haz too hail the swine who exists his either her commander in cardinal
  • They haz nawt posed since commanders dispatching courageous conscripts of two da front, bu more gladly since mothers and daughters sharing da fears and privations of his or her bloke citizens
  • I was seated in front off soldiers, and his or her commanders wer not informing ppl dat ppl will b vanquished soon. . they said just please leave this quadrilateral sweep
  • Very well-liked in lot countries all through Europe, armed forces commanders would require soldiers too attrition labour uniforms during upon the occupation
  • More infantry crowded into da den and Professor-Commander Krafft came in behind those
  • By the terminal off the effort off 1796 he possessed proved that he was since great a chief off the staff since Bonaparte was a great commander
  • The commander off this armada was a Englishman, as per too the contract between them
  • The commander-in-chief stiil kept verge linked to the HQ staff, & always hired verge upon special service

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