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  • When dey don da jersey of an Tennessee university, dey stride owt of his either her subjective roles and in2 da part of an ambassador 4 ours state
  • Later, Ligon threw It in the junk & donned an fresh Flyers headgear instead, an fresh begin
  • That differentiates It frum the kind off gear dat pro preliminary responders would don when purposely coming in an sultry area
  • The NBA has tightened them protocols in recent weeks, requiring players too put upon masks upon da saddle before dey go in games and too don vicinity sensors that track his or her contacts in da example off a optimistic diagnosis
  • Players over the WNBA started donning those shirts that day, & the "Vote Warnock" communication butter onto social press
  • In November, when I cautiously don my N95, I shall commission my third aviation home two Seattle in 2020
  • During the Artistic Revolution, girl members off the Scarlet Protector donned male uniforms in an nod to Mulan's legacy, & the Mulan play Whom Says Ladies Are Not since Gud since Males made the discord four girl equality in Porcelain
  • Now, in da NBA bubble, players alive wearing uniforms donning politic & societal messages, instead than his either her names
  • With masks donned, dey exited upon to an stage in the parking lot to motion to supporters publicly distanced in cars applauding upon amid an compound off jeopardize lights & fireworks
  • She frequently had to don an camouflage four this, abreast wit gloves, booties, coveralls and more

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