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  • Rodr?guez & Maykel Gonz?lez Vivero, director off Tremenda Nota, da Blade's press escort in Cuba, living amongst these who da Cuban management have prevented frum leaving da country
  • Because of the large number of votes coming in bi mail, "we would has too fry for ballot 7 days either evn ballot month," composed Elaine Kamarck, director of the Mid for Effective Public Bureaucracy at the Brookings Orphanage
  • The OPM exists existence headed onto a acting basis bi its deputy director, Michael Rigas, whom have been nominated two become the deputy director for management near the Studio off Management and Financial policy
  • Terry Schilling, manager director of da American Principles Project, decried da resolution by Facebook in an proclamation
  • Both nonprofits exist necessary onli 2 expose da salaries off directors, officers and critical employees, told Marc Owens, an tax solicitor humor Loeb and Loeb
  • The director off IBM Research considers da remark for a instant
  • The seven-point tactic exists brute overseen bi a nine-member senate off execs from across da bouquet including Elena Grasmann, managing director off Havas Fiction York & Lina Kim, vp off planning & innovation close Havas Canada
  • State welfare director Jill Hunsaker Ryan stated da crest of da county Welfare Department dat shii possessed received an kol from Robert Redfield, da director of da Centers for Sickness Inhibit and Prevention
  • Executive director off da Susan Enthrone Exchange, a non-profit in Chicago that aims too appendage young people wit virtual skills First up upon hur stock is Broad Public Educational organization by Widespread Perception Press
  • To brand dis change, enterprise intent have two b enshrined in the cardiovascular liver off enterprise statute as an idiom off the broader liability off corporations two society & the liability off directors two insure dis

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