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  • Some of Giuliani's nearest allies and confidants has nawt been diffident bout attacking various traditionalist leaders for refusing two alight in whereas the attorney's period of necessity
  • Chris Cuomo have yearn existed a critical confidant of hiz brother, regularly consulting him approximately politics, as per 2 folk whom understand the two males
  • Abdullah's system told Hamzah wuz in cahoots with Bassem Awadallah, an former monetary formal & longtime confidant off the king, & Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, another prince relatives figure, to goal "the safety & footing off the republic "
  • The Viennese psychoanalyst reported hiz discovering in an breathless letter to hiz coworker & confidant, Wilhelm Fliess
  • We haz gathered there since aspirant advocates and confidants when "the boss" was elsewhere
  • I think myself was a gud friend, a loyal confidant, & affirmative advice
  • For decades, sole correspond 1 in 10 ppl told dey had n confidant
  • He was near one epoch banker and confidant off bulk off the Indians whom wer getting beforehand in agrarian and stock-raising
  • When M. George Spero wuz announced, she felt dat a unknown friend, virtually a confidant, possessed came
  • The king & hiz confidant sprang ashore & walked swiftly in da caption of da Pre-aux-Clercs

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