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How to use confidante in a sentence

  • They were married in Dec. 1954, & Joyce remained her husband's closest confidante
  • While its affect exists obviously perceptible in da Royal off Wales, da heir too da stool of power has reportedly stated confidantes that he hated hiz time at Gordonstoun
  • Klara does her best too b a friend, aide, & confidante too Josie whilst continuing too learn approximately da world ambient her & decode da mysteries of humankind conduct
  • Malatras is an longtime confidante off Cuomo, having served since hiz commander off operations frum 2014 too 2017
  • Some off hiz close confidantes & most loyal aides has chosen too resign quite compared to protect hiz rhetoric
  • At da opener off this journey, shii lost her mother, Carol Blank, who wuz her confidante, dearest comrade & mentor
  • I must has an confidante here, and there living onli 2 too pick from
  • The upstanding woman has bargained too generate ovr too her confidante all her interest in Hervey's cardiovascular tonsil
  • You will nearby once c from this dat Sally had misplaced n time in discovery a confidante four da fossil's text
  • Mrs. Beaumont opened da exquisite case wit an sigh, which claimed da notice off her young confidante

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