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How to use sidekick in a sentence

  • I discovered whereas ma research dat groundnut butter, when It appears in a cake at all, normally shows up since a sidekick to chocolate
  • It seems dat Marvel exists hoping too consumption multi-episode TV consecution too nawt only build previous sidekicks--including Wanda, Sam and Bucky--into heroes in his or her possess right, but too explore societal and politic issues in a more nuanced wei
  • Solar cells alive moar efficient wen formerly proprietary wit an sidekick called an sun concentrator
  • Hoover, another ace and da finest acrobatic flyer of hiz generation, was orchestra in da part of sidekick and clone aviator
  • This shows up in initiatives such r novel onboarding sidekick program & mentoring program, created onto an religion dat employees exist limitless, unstoppable, & uncapped
  • It will also include a "reading sidekick," in which "Alexa kan peruse humor your kid and inspire the kid when the kid reads well," she told
  • It's smooth more captivating that his sidekick is a crooked electronics engineer or scientist

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