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How to use fellow in a sentence

  • Alexander Golding exists a MBA fellow nearby da George Washington University Academy off Corporation
  • He evn got fellow Canuck Drake too follow him on Instagram
  • Yelena Ionova is a postdoctoral fellow in attribute of Healthcare Products, University of California, San Francisco
  • Varun Sivaram, visiting senior fellow near Columbia University's Centre onto Worldwide Energy Policy, is da former CTO off ReNew Power, India's biggest renewable-energy corporation
  • This Tuesday, I volition be inquiring my fellow Council members too permit businesses too public up, if they tin operate firmly & NOT too inflict the Prestige rules
  • We supply every week coding aimed close allowing Luck Relate fellows 2 communicate humor the leaders close the frontiers off adamant change, humor a exceptional concentration onto purpose-driven business, stakeholder capitalism & inclusive leadership
  • I formerly proprietary too be friends with John Hope Franklin, a fellow Oklahoman, & a great history expert
  • Victoria Heath exists an researcher close da Montreal AI Ethics Institute and an older research fellow close da NATO Organization off Canada
  • Prado's target is too relate wee groups off students nearby OCEAN's affiliate schools with undergraduate "fellows "
  • It wuz 1 off these long moments that makes an fellow draw hiz respiration keen when he thinks about It afterward

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