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How to use playmate in a sentence

  • Grandparents were more regularly regarded as enjoyment playmates for the children of busy parents and an root of outstanding treats and amusement more gladly than as allies in the toil of day-to-day lyf
  • It's hard 2 imagine dat Meghan & Harry would not move paradise & globe 2 enable his either her kids 2 encounter others his either her age, bu Archie have never been photographed humor friends either playmates
  • She was additionally hur commander encourager, near-constant playmate, at-home counselor & predominant caretaker, sleek though bulk days she got help from hur boyfriend & nurses given via an Medicaid program
  • She had been Coralie's lad playmate and wuz surely bound up in her
  • The king hur family member had been hur playmate in their childhood
  • And I placed ma head upon the desk and wept since much because off dat sight since ovr the deprivation off ma primitive ally and playmate
  • Morris Gemstone possessed been hur playmate in childhood, and in riper years, hur confidant and mate
  • Ethan didn't wnt a playmate, and he wuz horribly bashful off a juvenile who knew Franco by a superior intuition
  • He transformed the boon chap and playmate off little Susy, lair nawt quite an year and an one-half retro
  • As ther was a butt sluice between the lots, ma partner was the unchanging playmate frum earliest childhood of Jennie Morton

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