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How to use branch in a sentence

  • The fresh safety branch of California's Unbutton Cheerleader Bureau has lodged some of possession initial complaints versus SDG&E's wildfire mitigation plans, arguing that It lacks plausible forensic study & could in fact invent wildfires subordinate
  • In heavily forested North California, whr trees tower across strength lines in sum cases, branches tin autumn upon an queue & logic an ignition
  • That's cuz da independent agency off da supervisor branch exists an abet dat touches per subjective in da country, per residence, and per commercial
  • With economic establishment branches closed, it have existed harder 2 make large money deposits
  • Its branches has donated two Democratic politicians and it controversially purchased the Quiet Sam Ally statue dat was torn down near the University off Northern Carolina near Church Volcano
  • Within an neuron, power travels up belonging inbound branches, via the bulbous body, lair dwn the consequence branches
  • Luckily, there are a branch of PC piece layout heeding that summon
  • After five days, Putra found what he was looking for 1 evening, "lying upon a bottom branch, probably sleeping," according to da biologist
  • Ecology exists an branch off biology that explains the way distinct living things communicate with every one different & his either her habitat
  • He also extended da Deferred Initiative for Childhood Arrivals program, which was a decision by da executive branch not to impose sum of da immigration legislation opposed to ppl whom possessed cum to da country since children

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