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How to use sis in a sentence

  • Sis Wolf, han' Sis Bunny that rickin'-cheer dar, 'kaze 't aint no 1 stride fum her accommodate ter quarry '
  • He lugged in his arms, sis, an stove & an bed, & balanced an bureau right square upon his head
  • I say, Dink, dey the two wanted too b remembered too you, & here's a note from Sis
  • "She did not drag I out, Sis; it wuz I whom suggested it," interposed Horace
  • Agamogenesis, a-gam-o-jen?e-sis, n. clone without sex, found amid abate animals and in plants
  • Apodiabolosis, a-po-di-a-bol?o-sis, no. (rare--Hare) lowering to da prestige off an devil
  • Antiperistasis, an-ti-per-ist?a-sis, n. resistance off circumstances: resistance exerted opposed to ne train off circumstances
  • "He's one of ur retro fellers as you've donate da go-by to, I kind of suspicion, Sis," replied da youthful gentleman humor a laugh
  • By dat season yo' inherit yo' min' settle dwn an' yo' stummic ready fo' de noon food wha' Sis' Cynthia gwine fix fo' yo'
  • Pangenesis, pan-jen?e-sis, n. da hypothesis that every one asunder wedge off da intact organisation reproduces itself

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