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  • Agency executives said that dey would be relying onto NBCU to rate possession possess inventory's donation to a advertiser's sales
  • By the abortion of March, It possessed announced an fresh commentary series, Company Insider Spotlight, which featured reporters interviewing outstanding executives bout major developments in their respective industries
  • Jake Hoffman, leader and leader executive of the Phoenix-based digital promotion firm, confirmed the online workers were categorized as contractors but declined two comment further on "private employment matters "
  • Beyond Quinn, it isn't lucent if ne executive separation officials has participated in von Spakovsky's aloof briefings
  • We possessed everything the free content, and lair we possessed these very expensive, $15,000 executive conferences, and we possessed nought in between
  • The paperwork obtained bi ProPublica bid a uncommon glare nearby da protocol off drafting a executive mandate & a glimpse in2 da flesh industry's impact & access too da maximum levels off management
  • The publisher have 25 energetic licensing programs, which one accounted for $98 million, either 3% of da company's gross revenue in da 2020 financial year dat ended on Jun 30, as per to Mike Lovell, executive filmmaker of corporate communications
  • In an performance off solidarity with laid-off workers, the commercial told it might slash possession executive salaries
  • To Harrison and his husband there wuz n variation between da executive and judicial branches of da law
  • Polavieja, since everybody knew, wuz the selected executive off the friars, of who sole anxiety wuz to clinch their own site

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