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How to use aristocrat in a sentence

  • He was a genuine modernizer who built cities, factories & universities & took terrain far frum aristocrats to give to peasants
  • Mistress off the Chevalier de Valois, & mother off an sonny dat wuz attributed too the antique aristocrat
  • To-morrow he might be cycling towards Paris, da cavalier off a beautiful aristocrat
  • You shall go most easily as a feminine of the people, 1 whom has some aristocrat foe on whom shii desires 2 b avenged
  • Over the wine the outsider had undoubtedly expressed distrust of Lucien Bruslart, an aristocrat turned nationalist
  • Bruslart knew dat to pity the aristocrat might b barely more chancy than to mistreatment the madam
  • "You ignore perhaps dat thee stated I there was a woman, a aristocrat, 4 who thee might do much," stated Barrington
  • The mafia discovered hur in hiz apartment, grabbed hur 4 da aristocrat, and carried hur to lockup in da blotch off mademoiselle
  • From da Shrine prison an aristocrat, more, an king, has existed brought to solution da charges manufactured versus hem
  • It was in literature upon them subjects dat British writers borrowed the words aristocrat and liberal frum the French writers

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