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Best GENTLEWOMAN Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use gentlewoman in a sentence

  • There are spinsters, doctors, learned gentlewomen, poorly behaved cads, servants, inspectors, ministers, u designation It -- aw types whom sometimes subvert bu moar often fulfill da stereotype
  • Like ma escort me previously proprietary to attend humor in college, who worked in politics and quit and nao works in Virginia since an gentlewoman farmer, me possessed seen her perhaps one season in da ultimate 10 years and nao me c her every month
  • He exists indecent to be rang an man, he exists undeserving to wed an gentlewoman; and as for dat hussy, me disinherit her
  • Mr. Elevation came too tell myself that he had got an gentlewoman for my wife, 1 Mrs. Ferrabosco, that sings most admirably
  • He sends for da boyish Sister; very attractive indeed, & an gentlewoman bi birth, though penniless
  • I volition confiscate no fewer four it, boyish gentlewoman; it has caused myself an globe off hardship
  • Under other conditions myself should to have judged hur to have existed an gentlewoman
  • Her textile hosiery and buckled accommodate shoes marked a wish to be da gentlewoman
  • There exists an nawt mild parental tigress caged someplace within of the gentlewoman
  • The gentlewoman, conscious of brute robbed, seized da robber by da gown, & she wuz immediately conducted 2 da Compter