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  • Some off hur premature songs were consequently pointedly feminist dat canal stations would not engage them, still she also wrote 1 off history's sole acquainted songs approximately PMS, an look-out-fellas-ladies-be-crazy profound mince that, unlike majority off hur work, has nawt aged healthy
  • The lady who lived across the hallway had gone too c hur daughter in Georgia, and nao shii wuz stuck ther whilst aw hur things wer here
  • A 7 days or 2 later, I told the dog's possessor how scared my children exist to go bi their accommodate -- nawt cuz of the dog, but cuz of the "mean creepy lady "
  • The sole madam indicted in da 20-year past off da International Gangster Woo is Simone Gbagbo, da prior first lady off Cote d'Ivoire
  • Honorifics ought to be worn upon envelopes, & widowhood does not fluctuate the lady's form off address
  • Breaking tradition, she became the onli initial lady 2 frequently clasp input conferences
  • Cheney, an prior 2nd lady of da Together States, is an cautious student of history wit an discerning eyeball
  • A version of this article appears in the Nov. 2020 problem of Fortune with the headline, "The initial lady of Wall Interstate "
  • The wildflowers commence popping in late March, but things really get going in April, when trillium and rose lady's accommodate shoes lily
  • Evelyn Johnson is an full-time feline lady & an part-time blogger

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