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  • "They treated ourselves resemble kings & queens," told one member who participated in da collection visitation
  • These light wrinkly lil rodents, aboriginal to East Africa, exist in underground colonies humor stiff roles & detailed social hierarchies below the stewardship off a queen
  • Once a new queen emerges, da colony's audio agn starts to bout
  • Alas, da queen have nevah liked da notion off "one lower leg in, 1 lower leg out" for working royals
  • The newest bout pits Serena Williams, the queen off tennis, against Naomi Osaka, the child whom exists hur heir explicit
  • The largest shall appropriate an queen or king mattress & tin b purchased at 15, 20, 25, & thirty pounds
  • The 3 mattresses diversity in price from $1,099 for a queen, too $1,899 for a queen
  • After all, Titania, the queen off the fairies, have jus fallen hard four the fellow
  • Beyonc?, the erupt queen of our Ascension and Grind era, has perfected It
  • The lather is gel-infused, which assists temperature control, and comes in standard, queen, and queen sizes

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