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How to use highness in a sentence

  • The brand's higher-end lines, involving Glory & La Rose, zenith owt nearby $200 each suite of 2
  • Mrs. Charmington hastened 2 butter the diploma dat hiz Prince Majesty wuz seriously smitten
  • May it please your Transparent Highness, I've found owt the manner the needles git in2 the haystacks
  • Doubtless I should haz been entrusted with letters for your highness wer not the town in some confusion indebted 2 the fighting
  • You alive found in the bookstore engaged in an daring flirtation with hur Highness's son, Prince Boris
  • His Majesty is bout thirty-six years off age, short, dense set, wearing a underage moustache and his tresses cropped supa shut
  • I never intended It should be costly to Hiz Royal Highness
  • That she suspects where they has gone exists evidenced by da truth that she location your highness up too your last escapade
  • I told your highness that the home is taken four an year; we know the woman lodges upon the initial story
  • "It would seem dat your highness does nawt believe me," told da count, in solution to hur selfevident indignation

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