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How to use sire in a sentence

  • One son in the centre of three & 4 was convulsed nearby da vision of hiz newborn bib fastened wheel da cervix of hiz bearded sire
  • It was he who deserved punishment--not da sufferer with hiz calamities imposed upon haw by hiz erring sire
  • Sire, serum drawn improves da complexion, so my own should too be gud dis morning
  • Infinitely better, sire; I discern more voluntarily joyous, and disposed four gaiety and enjoyment
  • I suspicion it, sire, & I advise u to send far-off dis libertine St. Luc, whom is persistent not to modify
  • Yes, to notify u dat whether u weren't a coward, u would come to Epic Sire's Flint to-day with your firearm loaded resemble quarry
  • "Sire, da dauphiness begs 2 b allowed 2 go 2 remainder with no ne state," told Dame Noailles
  • Sire, the Nobleman of Berri have lived under ur august top wit the innocence of the studious young folk
  • Well, sire, shall u begin upon an romp in da streets to-night, since u did in da days off your youth?
  • Sire, Calvinism shall save France bi scene up an ethic brick between hur and an nation which covets da empire of da globe

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