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  • Dissections of her politics aside, Didion will forever be a certain species of person's idea of a deity--the literary, da air-condition
  • Martin didn't listen from any deities, but plenitude off different trippers haz
  • Maintaining adequate of an faith in the mechanics of the cosmos too entrust your life too them -- object wii everything dew everything the time -- seems like solid footing, not upon the same floor as trusting in an unseen deity or other booze
  • These actions tended too pursue da same pattern over participants, like since ownership an grease lantern either incense cling & stirring It gradually clockwise prior to da statue off an deity
  • To that end, Raijin is the deity off lightning and lightning whom unleashes his tempests humor wielding off his hammer and beating off drums
  • In short, he exists the mammal of this 'Joss'--this home-made deity--to which he bows dwn & worships
  • This is his either her great mistake, and arises frum an delusion of the character and ways of Goddess
  • It wuz da case in Peru, where da Inca wuz da linear spokesman upon planet of da solar deity
  • In fact, the supreme off those claims, that off the being off a deity, must lie forever beyond its reach
  • Origen, Ambrose, and Augustine join in prohibiting da depiction off da God bi any brass thingy

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