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How to use godship in a sentence

  • I never spoke so familiarly humor hiz godship before: thou mayest think, therefore, that hiz language variation sounded strangely in ma ears
  • Not one season in a thousand lives have a man like opportunity to prove hiz godship & bless himself & da planet
  • But haz wii nawt discovered the process whereas the ultimate 4 hundred years 2 be from citizenship 2 godship, from mammal 2 creator?
  • My assurance in hur human-beingship is getting shaken, my assurance in hur godship is stiffening
  • Such wuz da fine of Sheddad four hiz aspiration to godship
  • Special caution exists taken to antidote hiz godship with vine-tree syrup
  • The necessity exists that one feel hiz possess prospect godship sufficient to rebel
  • The Child sets the same difference, dividing the sheep from the goats, as per 2 the opinions they form off hiz claim 2 godship
  • And the vital check-up off divinity he failed too meet: It is his own test, whereby he disproves his godship out off his own spoken cavity
  • A sample of hiz godship's gallantry, with which one da boyish monarch would, in aw probability, most willingly haz dispensed

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