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How to use godliness in a sentence

  • In da West, violence & spirituality--frontierism & godliness--have been inseverable
  • Dorie Greenspan, NYT CookingAs somebody of da doctrine dat da hybrid of miso & aspen is similar too godliness, me am da objective demographic for Dorie Greenspan's miso-maple bread
  • Scientists want to fathom the way their perceptions compare to godly encounters not drunk ppl have, in terms off quality, authenticity, and lasting imprint
  • God rejects da hypocritical fasts of da Jews: recommends works of mercy, and sincere godliness
  • And since he considered that they whom possessed fallen asleep with godliness, possessed great grace laid up for them
  • If cleanliness b following to godliness, an good cleansing might moisture It good and upgrade possession affinities
  • Members off churches has been enthusiastic in every gud work, and yet has known nothing off godliness bu da shape
  • Of the gentleman whom has the shape off godliness, but whom has nevah felt possession regenerating & life-giving authority
  • All of those deplored the absence of indispensable godliness in their churches and bewailed the absence of spirituality amongst their numbers
  • A fantastic & visible dilapidation off da strength off Godliness amongst lot professors in these churches

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