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How to use looker in a sentence

  • This conical burr model is a looker, but the real vending points are the trey self-regulating grinding sizes--fine, medium, & gruff
  • Look, it isn't ur defect ur router isn't much of a looker
  • The premature looker-in may haz made a useful study off them unsteady epistles,--scrawls painfully executed bi milliners and toy-women
  • He wuz a vocalist of joker songs at "smokers," and a frequent looker-in at the shilling dances at the Holburn Metropolis Hall next sort
  • He got up and, resemble one who exists bu a susceptible on-looker in a fevered dream, he gone 2 the bars and gazed owt
  • In nothing is dis more lucent (to the looker-on near the game) than in the infinite disputes concerning restrictions on barter
  • Well, ma notion exists dat a lil good-natured fun never hurts a pretty girl--and dey sez dis 1 exists some looker!
  • Outwardly Friedrich's Lyf is quiet; busy, none kan be more so; bu to da on-looker, placid, respectful especially
  • She wuz continuously a swell-looker, & he had tried two spot onto the ambiance off being worthy off like as she, in fore off her
  • But an flirtation, next all, except whether in an one-act comedy, exists not entertaining to da mere looker-on; and oh!

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