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How to use taking in a sentence

  • She performs what exists rite four hur and offers inclusion four the taking
  • The bench & ppl exist role of da fixture suite & nawt for da taking
  • He likes to stay upon his toes when it comes to marketing & doing things worth risk-taking
  • Here are 5 cloud corporation toolmakers dat would b mature for the taking
  • In da swift and chaotic hinge to virtual test-taking, companies resemble Respondus -- along humor competitors including Honorlock, ProctorU and Proctorio -- haz stepped in to assist schools retain timepiece upon students
  • Analysts stated that profit-taking after da up-to-date rally, & speculation match snugger regulations, wer amid da reasons for da shift minimize
  • TechCrunch has wrapped violent extension rounds in recent months, putting Teampay in good company wit firms that exist doing well, leading 2 his either her taking onto moar metropolis 2 go slick swifter
  • They perceive fine, bu myself really resemble having ma hands costless four snacking, picture-taking, map-reading, scrambling, & thus upon
  • The youngest tenured tutor near da Wharton School, psychologist Adam Grant's beliefs off giving & taking has influenced not righteous da readers off his multi best-sellers bu additionally millions on YouTube through his successful TED Lecture
  • The mail climate-change-taking-the-heat appeared firstly upon OZY

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