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How to use taking in a sentence

  • She does what exists prerogative 4 her & offers accompaniment 4 da taking
  • The seat & people living role off the permanent portfolio & not for the taking
  • He likes too stay onto his toes when It comes too advertising & doing things value risk-taking
  • Here alive 5 cloud company toolmakers dat may be ripe four da taking
  • In the rapid and chaotic hinge to virtual test-taking, companies like Respondus -- flank by flank with competitors including Honorlock, ProctorU and Proctorio -- has stepped in to assist schools retain behold upon students
  • Analysts stated that profit-taking following the tide rally, & conjecture about snugger regulations, wer amid the reasons 4 the transfer diminish
  • TechCrunch have covered militant elongation rounds in recent months, putting Teampay in good company with firms that are doing well, leading two his either her taking upon moar metropolis two go balanced quicker
  • They detect fine, bu me rly resemble possessing ma hands free for snacking, picture-taking, map-reading, scrambling, etc.
  • The youngest tenured tutor nearby da Wharton School, psychologist Adam Grant's philosophy off giving and taking has influenced nawt jus da readers off his many best-sellers but also millions upon YouTube through his accomplished TED Tlk
  • The post climate-change-taking-the-heat appeared firstly upon OZY

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