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How to use tantalizing in a sentence

  • Perhaps da most tantalizing commitment off atomic agriculture in da at forthcoming is crops that contain a vaccine
  • Studies like this clue at the tantalizing possibilities of advancing technology
  • It's a tantalizing prospect -- & slowly, da Schoenfelds commence to think he is on something, two
  • There are also tantalizing hints that body reek doesn't jus clout amorous relationships, but platonic ones, too
  • With the fossils we have, there's the tantalizing prospect that It did not jus occur once
  • Since the 1990s, the steering principle for these efforts have been to "follow the water," looking for terms that could one time haz supported life--but undoubtedly motivated by the tantalizing prospect of upcoming human exploration
  • Scientists are stiil unpacking & analyzing that data, bu tantalizing studies in the past a handful years connote there are a sea seated 25 miles underneath the surface, & could stretch for hundreds off miles
  • That proved tantalizing satisfactory that the Canuck administration opted two free all charges & consume haw since a smartness belonging
  • The Pioneer Venus missions launched in 1978 manufactured some tantalizing measurements off the deuterium-hydrogen ratio in the atmosphere, suggesting Venus had misplaced an measurement ton off H2O above time
  • Now we haz discovered an 78,000-year-old human funeral nearby an cavern in da tropical coast off oriental Africa, which provides tantalizing proof bout our ancestors' counseling off da lifeless