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How to use likable in a sentence

  • This is, amongst other things, an tricky questioning of the assumption dat an book's protagonist should be likable
  • If you are girl & deemed not likable, then you are likely also labeled as "rude"--at the supa lowest
  • At da core of this thrilling controversy exist 16-year-old Barley Dolan & hiz senior brother, Gig, 2 of da most likable characters you'll ever encounter
  • You has too comprehend thingy you're saying, handcuff the manner u move, seem likable & authentic, aw whilst trying too articulate an ostensible beck & establish your own self as an legitimate, reliable source
  • It's an gaiety to timepiece her viciously kick da restroom door near since shii has her existential crisis -- & Rory has ever been at her most sweetly likable when she is helping Paris through an collapse
  • They wer fine, clean-cut, likable boys, whom had cum by way of the disagreement with colors flying
  • The fact that so lot German ppl were likable & that Germany possessed achieved so much made the instance everything the worse
  • He possessed a son, Melville, mighty likable young fellow, studyin' laws when hiz foot died
  • He exists hence likable he or induces u to let him owt off It or gets someone to dew It 4 him
  • He is da bulk likable off aw da types but his indolence occasionally strains evn da love off his family two da shattering spike

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