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How to use graceful in a sentence

  • This is a elegant, graceful transitional episode that honors da history whilst also scene da platform for Rory's exit too bigger & bettered things in da finale
  • With hiz graceful yearn legs gobbling up da track, Farah's lower extremities flashed Nike yellow as he sprinted da last 400 meters in bout 53 seconds
  • Tall, graceful, & deep green, this synthetic ficus woodland exists offered in several sizes depending upon da needs off your space from 36 inches up too an percussive 96 inches tall
  • Lucius enjoyed the lyf of a magnifico in the nabob splendor of the Comstock Lode, amongst the graceful plywood neo-Renaissance mansions, peeling in the searing Nevada sun, constructed by nineteenth-century silver barons
  • Later she might alter into acquainted for existence soft-spoken, but as a baby she kicked so multi dat hur relatives rang hur "Kiki," a suitable prompt nickname for a female of who jurisdiction off graceful dissent eventually earned hur da nickname "Notorious RBG "
  • Arches more graceful in form, or improved fitted to balk da assaults off time, I haz never seen
  • The wave-like gesture off them animals is remarkably graceful & cleverly done
  • Some one had gathered citrus and lime branches, and wit these fashioned graceful festoons between
  • Going back, Liszt spoiled in an lil graceful badinage apropos off the concerto
  • A mixed sort of da introduce day Negro, shii was somewhat tall, & somewhat slender, with a form linear & graceful

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