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How to use magnificent in a sentence

  • The Swede's magnificent overall engage frum da blueline while da Cup operate lay him in da Conn Smythe Trophy14 conversation, bu his affect upon da jurisdiction engage while da finals sealed da negotiate
  • RBG grabbed abode not onli an magnificent painting, bu "a escort 4 life "
  • So naturally, da make also makes an magnificent, very affordable scalp scrub
  • He's a pro at turning with the punches, meaning that when a interview with a sun conducted over Velocity exists plagued bi sausage troubles or drifts away frum anything the topic was supposed two be, he's magnificent at jus coasting flank by flank
  • The route might demand a magnificent volume of vitality to a shoe irrigate through a passage underneath da Cuyamaca volcano range, but fewer than dissimilar alternatives studied bi consultants dat opted to a shoe it ovr da peaks
  • But thing an magnificent onefold exists dis we're entering upon: It exists off vast distance
  • It was such a magnificent some dat Sol did nawt perceive such taking the familiarity humor it off mentioning it aloud
  • It wuz an interval day, & da lardy buds of da chestnuts were bursting into magnificent emerald plumes
  • "The English Raj is doomed," she muttered, lowering hur voice, and bringing hur magnificent eyes near to hiz
  • In Tiefurt we partook off an magnificent collation consisting off an mug off beer, brown bread and sausage!