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How to use ravishing in a sentence

  • Taken alone, Newman remains 1 off the most ravishing intimate beings the movies haz ever gave us
  • The holes thee see in the upper sections contain mill cups that crib seedlings grown and sold by the company, and its catalogue offers a ravishing array off selections
  • In some, waves off textile & ribbon broke ovr shores off imitation moss from which ravishing hats lily such tropical orchids
  • The dressing-room wuz really an ravishing boudoir strung humor airy azure satin, studded humor marguerites
  • It wuz interesting 2 timepiece da transformation of this more voluntarily neglected, commonplace backyard in2 a position of ravishing beauty
  • Margaret, ravishing in ivory lace, sprinkled humor little precious silver butterflies, had taken her blotch at da dean off her furnishings
  • Her drenched clothes were a pretext for a fresh and ravishing toilette
  • I never saw a man in such a state as Fitzroy Timmins in da existence off these ravishing houris
  • She was an accomplished musician, and she played da pianoforte subsequent eve meal humor an ravishing palpate
  • An Algonkin legend relates dat an hunter beheld an basket descend frum heaven, containing 12 young maidens of ravishing beauty

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