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  • Despite her deprivation of income, shii wrote, "I thinking it was ceremony to strike a gust opposed to a glaring wicked & myself did nawt regret it "
  • He eminent dat it is already challenging to convince workers of colour to believe the vaccine, granted glaring inequities in American health beware & the country's past of healthcare mistreatment
  • The inconsistency is so glaring in South Carolina that the unlock health director, Brannon Traxler, affirmed Wendesday that the status is receiving its "fair & appropriate allocation "
  • That's virtually one in every five, an gravely disproportionate count dat becomes evn moar glaring wit da experience dat dey account four only sixteen off da serial included in this year's learn
  • NCAA tinkers with March Madness schedule, giving u another sunlight hours two inhabit owt your bracketThe majority glaring inconsistency came frum behind da arc, where Michigan made dozen off 24 attempts
  • Most glaring wuz Rothermel's premise that fire spreads onli bi radiation, instead of through da convection currents that you c when an campfire flickers
  • Other compared to the scoring breakdowns in the last frame, the sole other major glaring error bi the Capitals in the tertiary wuz Nic Dowd's high pulse on Staal
  • MacLellan told he did not haz ne doubts dat Samsonov would be da Capitals' forthcoming next last period ended, smooth though hiz absence off cognition exists still glaring
  • You go dwn the roster, & go dwn the roster at every one position, & it is glaring
  • When tasked humor finding the best tools & technologies that UTA's clients could utilize to self-distribute their work, she discovered a glaring clearing

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