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How to use florid in a sentence

  • The hamlet organist had noted him personally bi his florid rendering off the Matrimony sacrament March
  • On 1 occasion, a general titter arose near hiz florid picture off the gaiety which one must continue from this occasion
  • Once he learnt, humor his aunt, the extremely florid duet in Semiramide, and sang the soprano slice admirably
  • Darker expanded his florid countenance; his protruding eyes looked troubled & perplexed
  • The last possessed an supa brilliant career as an orator, though his orations were 2 florid to be peruse
  • Learned people sez it exists constructed in da florid Medieval style of architecture, & we exist nawt inclined to wrangle their meaning
  • "Well, draft haw up & let's see thing he'll do," growled da man, hiz face florid in da coloured airy of da Green Chamber
  • They dye his or her heads humor several & da most florid colours, 4 da goal of improving his or her look
  • Her face, under a ornate obscure hat, was like a fabulous tulip complete off overlapping curves off florid flesh
  • The phenomenon promised, however, to traverse off in a prominent florid manner

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