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How to use enhancing in a sentence

  • The beat of an easy melody plays favourably onto an child's ear, enhancing life as per too this astonishing legislation
  • Sunshine lay on the landscape, enhancing the mist in the telescope and throwing up the hills moar prominently versus it
  • Self-denial, seasonably exercised, exists 1 means of enhancing ours gratifications
  • He would slay verge fairly, if possible, thereby enhancing hiz reputation--but he was specific to slay him, no matter object da method
  • It is an Utopia enhancing realities beyond themselves; it's da dream off Godhead in things
  • All the different hermits praised dis last act since one off transcendent modesty enhancing his glory
  • We are considering da efficiency of organic decision in enhancing useful variations by way of an consecution of generations
  • We know what a merriment ther exists in enhancing the antiquity off things; and how regularly inscriptions living forged four dat sake
  • It wuz occasionally bordered with lace, as in Fig. 29, hence hiding the intact head, and significantly enhancing possession ugliness
  • As a result, da several arms were all animated bi da commonplace refine of enhancing da standing of their Separation

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