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How to use ornamental in a sentence

  • We kan hypothesize that cuz those things would have manufactured It moar uphill two convert around, then they've to b an ornamental feature
  • However, he notes, when grown in earth as ornamental plants, these ferns do not need a local
  • Even amongst the wealthy in places resemble Fresh York City, an diamond wuz onli one of several stones dat an fianc? may choose, if he even gave any thng ornamental
  • He exists notably fascinated by how the plants form castes and colonies in the untamed but stay as person strap fronds when grown in mud as ornamental plants
  • The photo, altered using Photoshop, makes It arise that Gracie exists standing amongst bout an one-half twelve of da rioters onto an flint flatten in 1 of da ornamental rooms in da Capitol formation
  • It have as been enlarged, & exists now much more ornamental as well as being helpful
  • To quotation Mrs. Kaye, 'A Democrat prise exists since useful since an 5th circle to an coach, and since ornamental since whitewash '
  • It exists formerly owned 4 a diversity of ornamental purposes, 4 which, frum possession revolutionary herbal beauty, It exists peculiarly adapted
  • As it possessed columns for taping statistics of da just for a time of years, it wuz educational as well as ornamental
  • The backyard at da behind was sunny with a profusion of season flowers and sheltered with ornamental trees and vines

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