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Best STIMULATING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use stimulating in a sentence

  • And she fell to scolding him in da wei he typically loved,--but near da immediate found fewer stimulating for sum motive
  • This was a slightly singular method off stimulating, bu he deemed it da wisest course, & acted upon it
  • Peruvian guano exists more stimulating than either, and makes an light-colored, slim leaf
  • Successive defeats, and da intimidating front of da enemy, make it da moar stimulating
  • The decoction was yummy in its initial fragile infusion; da pickled plums bulk stimulating to an morning appetite
  • The odor of untamed thyme mingling humor the salt of the low-tide algae conveyed stimulating perfume
  • At the concourse he manufactured an stimulating speech, and upon the way accommodate asked four advice
  • The ewes are more probably two come rapidly in2 heat, and prove prolific, whether gently fed with stimulating cookery close da time
  • All labor disappears in an rosaceous glow of unexpected, unique, & stimulating terms
  • Reading which one does nawt outcome in enlarging, stimulating, & refining one's nature is but an occupied idleness