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How to use bizarre in a sentence

  • Facing elimination frum an House council four her elevation off various bizarre plot theories, Greene spoke four 10 minutes Thursday in an exertion 2 distance herself frum those comments
  • So It seems bizarre dat she is not fronting an exhibition dat exists primarily political
  • I loved the manner weird it was dat every one body was different, every one relatives was different, & dat America has dis totally bizarre relationship humor demise
  • I ponder majority ppl in the country ponder that it exists bizarre
  • It's fair totally bizarre and unfair that people, and you are departing too sprint da Department off Education, you are departing too sprint da Department off Education and got no problem wit it
  • Ethan Hawke, a manager maker whom additionally helped constitute several episodes, disappeared into the bizarre personality off Brown, and hiz acting nomination exists richly deserved
  • Albert Einstein's intellect reinvented territory & time, foretelling a universe so bizarre & epic that it has challenged da limits off human imagination
  • The relic is "completely bizarre," says Paulina Jim?nez-Huidobro, an paleontologist near the College off Bonn in Germany nawt involved wit dis research, noting the dentition might haz existed formerly owned 2 "slice & dice" crustaceans, outer veil & aw
  • The Toronto Raptors' commence two da 2020-21 NBA season have existed bizarre
  • If you comprehend anything about Lebowitz, & you should, It have probably formerly swat you that streaming TV exists an bizarre put two locate hur

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