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How to use effulgent in a sentence

  • Twas dusk time; but ther was no sunset--no fire in da westernmost sky: no glow or effulgent majesty or lurid threaten
  • At the aloof terminate was an raised dais with an mammoth statue off an kneeling woman, sculptured off the same effulgent, agate hormone
  • But the sons off Muspell keep their effulgent bands asunder upon the meadow off battle, which one exists 1 100 miles lengthy upon every flank
  • My son midst crown?d monarchs grasped the first & foremost way, Now he rests upon the red earth, quenched his sunny effulgent ray!
  • I beheld thy body, effulgent as da sun, decked with sandal paste!
  • And beholding these self-effulgent regions, Phalguna became stuffed with wonder, and manufactured enquiries off Matali
  • On da hill Sree dwelleth happily, da effulgent Mahadeva with da goddess, since additionally Brahma with da other gods
  • And, O effulgent one, mayst thou have safety frum everything the celestials & the Asuras, & the Vasus
  • Shakespeare was an occupied lil dramatist, working away on the border off the great lantern ensemble by the effulgent majesty off Elizabeth
  • For the immediate it seemed dat the fallen celebrity flashed through hur eyebrow and lodged, effulgent, in hur brain

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