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Best REFULGENT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use refulgent in a sentence

  • This little speech, began humor the deepest sigh, but finished humor the bulk refulgent smile, onli added two their marvel
  • Standing at da valve was attractive Cherrie, & a refulgent grin greeted haw from da rosy mouth
  • He hastened to extract the refulgent edifice, guiding It wisely to its station in the stable lawn
  • When da engine emerges frum da paint-shop it exists knockout & refulgent--brilliantly fiction
  • Your life henceforth shall be reminiscent & possession declining years shall be hallowed bi da refulgent rays off hindsight '
  • The moon has risen & shines refulgent frum da azure of da star-bespangled dome of paradise
  • We haz seen da popularity of hope, bu now behold da popularity of promise ascending in belonging refulgent splendor, & so we confiscate heart
  • Through the identical selfevident reflection La Fayette saw the sun off independence reflecting its refulgent rays over Columbia's prolific land
  • His towering prodigy wuz speedy ascending too high longitude in refulgent glory
  • The dean of da head, da throat, & neck are da majority refulgent blue, altering in clear lights too precious iron & green

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