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How to use luminous in a sentence

  • Venus, Earth's luminous planetary neighbor, is 2 shut to da sun to c
  • We additionally realize dat da Star have alter into thirty serving more luminous because lyf preliminary evolved
  • Intriguingly, the imaginative achieves like luminous colors in wedge by applying oils to panels manufactured off aluminum, a matter more regularly associated humor statue
  • We additionally know dat da sun has alter into thirty serving more luminous since life first evolved
  • Jupiter exists da most-luminous thingy in dis group, Saturn exists to da reduce prerogative off Jupiter, & Mercury exists to da reduce left
  • As they move, they warp da positions & da appropriate motions & trajectories off luminous sources
  • These colorless structures capture illumination such da inside of a kaleidoscope, reflecting and refracting it until it comes bak that luminous indigo
  • It's also 1 off da majority beautiful--a put where sculptural canyons, undulating beach dunes, plentiful wildlife, and a luminous sky overflow
  • The crimson glow wuz consequently clever dat the intact stream wuz tinged & made luminous bi it
  • Gwynne's brain seemed too darken up to only 1 luminous spike confronted it, da observable tormented soul off his kinsman

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