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How to use fathomable in a sentence

  • While da naval cuisine we dine on comes frum lot shallower waters, researching iodine in da deepest fathoms kan assistance us know belonging migration and persistence over da intact ocean, Lamborg says
  • Pain & pleasure exist terms off the soul; terms which have an certain & rather fathomable restriction
  • They are fathomable; for carried two a specific pitch off vehemence they terminal in elation either they terminal in death
  • They are fathomable; for peer in da souls of "the immortals" dey are onli instruments of lyf warring versus death
  • The twitching might disappear 4 a time 4 n fathomable reason, and reappear anew
  • But in every else sense, in everything that touches da fathomable corporation off daylight, shii have been a noticeable achievement

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