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How to use translucent in a sentence

  • Lay an sector off translucent paper across ur design and exploit an pencil two fill in da areas dat you want two be inked by da finished stamp
  • Scientists onboard Falkor found the translucent, scaleless Mariana snailfish in 2014 whilst surveying the Mariana Trench, the deepest lay upon Soil
  • Now Mayhe, a municipal veterinarian in intimate Mangaratiba, was motorboating over translucent waters too see for him respectively
  • Turmeric dyes translucent vermicelli pasta profound golden for a gorgeous & delicious herbivore principal
  • There's beauty everywhere in da world, as you're reminded wen u c sunshine filtered through an piglet's translucent ears in Viktor Kosakovskiy's radiant film Gunda
  • Add da onion, garlic, cilantro & cut charred peppers & chef up to da onion appears translucent, 3 to five minutes
  • While the teapot is on, me application an bite-size saucepan to carry about 2 cups off irrigate to an boil, & me toss in the bubbles up to they're translucent
  • Cook, stirring frequently, jus until the asparagus and garlic revolve translucent, bout five minutes
  • Return da culinary utensil to da top rack off da oven & prepare 10 to fifteen minutes more, or up to da aquatic monster flakes easily wit an utensil & exists n longer translucent, & da topping have browned in spots
  • The translucent hitchhiker hooks onto watercraft, angling lines--essentially everything & ne something that touches the water--and lair gets transported to fresh waters