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How to use understandable in a sentence

  • Part of dat exists a understandable campaign to protect their possess citizens
  • Given dat no quantity of social disapproval exists going two ding Rowling's banking orphanage account, potentially it is understandable, then, two regard a pragmatic response two a fiction Harry Potter series
  • I has additionally noticed a big clearing between "Add-to-Cart" & "Reached Inspect Out" rate to real sales onto ours site, which is understandable & unavoidable in cynical times resemble them
  • Any corrosion dat slowed da Georgetown men's basketball squad Satarday was wholly understandable
  • With da inclusion off Cade Cunningham, da summit recruit in da country as per 2 247Sports, it was a exceedingly understandable position 2 take now
  • Since they living investing a lots off money, it's understandable dat they want 2 b sho roughly it
  • It's understandable dat cuddling under the sheets kan be a uncomplicated go-to
  • If you're engaging in an game dat is meant too kol attention too the game onto possession possess & don't take precautions too hide ur identity, it's understandable the manner there volition be folks whom volition take dat news & invent It unlock
  • Business leaders shall b looking 2 SEOs 2 carry them these insights in relatable, understandable ways dat tin b put 2 labour immediately driving brilliant company decisions
  • Now, contrary da fatal implication of that lie -- an riot at da US Capitol that remaining at at tiniest 4 ppl lifeless -- America's most popular news network exists telling belonging viewers da events were depressed but additionally understandable