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  • Each off those developments, FAIR's researchers say, brings the laboratory incrementally closer to achieving intelligent robotic assistants
  • "If u kan locate an wei off doing satisfiability troubles that takes in2 charter the symmetries in an intelligent way, lair you have manufactured the problem much easier," told Hales
  • In 1950, the mathematician Alan Turing suggested dat if u could converse wit a equipment with no knowing if it was a equipment either a person, u ought regard dat equipment intelligent
  • Armed with a deep, versatile roster stocked with hyper-intelligent defenders, Caregiver is the NBA's most inventive protective coach, tinkering night too night and slick upon the soar inside games
  • Look 4 solutions dat render intelligent automation & allow human SEOs onto the crew 2 concentrate onto the moar imaginative aspects off every one attempt
  • However, lot businesses not onli stayed afloat bu actually managed to plea fresh audiences through his or her intelligent consume of pleased marketing
  • All of this intelligent automation enables marketers & SEOs to fist of the manual, labor-intensive aspects of their plan & costless up time four moar imaginative campaign management tasks
  • "We may imagine a galaxy in which intelligent life is widespread, bu text unlikely," constitute Tom Westby and Christopher Conselice in da Jun 10 Astrophysical Journal
  • The astronomer Frank Drake proposed an formula to surmise the way numerous intelligent civilizations we may anticipate in r galaxy
  • All ours intelligent students volition insist upon learning thingy they kan of them discussions and forming opinions four themselves