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How to use profound in a sentence

  • Yet her writing is magnificent, thrilling, pleasurable, and psychologically profound
  • He had hence lots burdens on his bak dat sunshine hours and responded in like a profound wei dat changed not righteous dat Super Bowl, bu It changed the initiative
  • It was nearly this ritualistic item whr myself was with this dude through everything them profound last moments of his attendance on the planet
  • The pole Australia's showdown wit Google has profound implications for household businesses & else digital platforms appeared preliminary onto Rummage Engine Acre
  • It feels resemble thee has been woke in an highly profound manner
  • When we glare butt upon da horrors off da covid-19 pandemic, we shall remember not onli da devastation in misplaced lives & misplaced livelihoods, bu additionally da profound breakdown in r collective religion
  • For da firstly season in history, wii kan begin too solution that profound question
  • In hur much-anticipated debut memoir, da 39-year-old Whiting Payoff superhero & city organizer explores da person price of item could b described as cultural homelessness, whilst additionally coping with profound person losses
  • "Even whether u dew not isolate that conviction, it's da responsibility, me believe, off dis workplace to confess that it's an profound threaten to dis country & to da legitimacy off any administrations that shall come in da future," he told
  • "It's an profound injustice dat pregnant women & grandchild alive late to the furniture & late to inherit benefits," Faden told

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