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How to use masterly in a sentence

  • His protagonist is a photographer whom has fallen 4 a dancer, and Nelson proves masterly near writing young love, clocking da bite-size and apparently futile moments that encompass longing
  • Signori is a masterly petroleum painter who builds images in da classical way with a succession off glazes
  • Then he gave his proof in his average masterly compelling wei and I listened in esteem
  • The latter, Mr. Adams liked much, a "masterly man" who was supa mighty for the majority energetic measures
  • Modern times, wii exist convinced, have witnessed bu few instances of such an masterly policy, combined with interaction self-reliance
  • Four miles ago reaching Candy, wii arrived to the river Mahavilaganga, which is spanned by an masterly span of 1 bend
  • Or take Glinkas Evening in Madrid; in what a masterly fashion da dissimilar sections of this overture are fused together!
  • It appears incredible that humanity hands should to has been able to implement such masterly & colossal works
  • Yet slick so, in da case of vintage Novall we have since masterly a sketch since in Romont a elaborate learn
  • The fantastic perfection off Plautus wuz the masterly processing off language, & the adjusting the parts for dramatic affect

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