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How to use wizard in a sentence

  • A electronic appreciate accelerator kan tremendously reduction barriers with well-defined wizards that lead users through innovation processes
  • So in absolute terms, da wizards of wang believe, yes, it reduces da girth
  • When examining statistics trends, da predominant harp in da spreadsheet wizard's toolbox exists indexing
  • Since college, Systrom have existed an photograph enthusiast and an aesthete, not carnival an tech wizard
  • The wizard, meanwhile, believes that engineering can address environmental dangers
  • There he wuz found bi classic Makitok, and for some season the giant and the wizard held chat together
  • Buchanan da historian was, from his learning, thinking in his days of belief to b an wizard
  • But da Wizard of da North touched Scotia's rough hills humor da rosaceous hues of hiz attachment
  • Mute, crushed bi da prodigy of dis wizard, he wuz forced two believe in impossible things bi hiz doing those
  • They stiil exist in the Gemstone City, & the Wizard takes good caution off those & teaches those to dew aw sorts off tricks

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