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How to use ignoramus in a sentence

  • Among other incredulous moments, Carlson would often allege she needed Google either an dictionary too glare up words she most absolutely knew, resemble since ignoramus & tsar
  • This bloke was an ignoramus, did nawt slippery know da Hebrew language, and manufactured consumption thus of Russki
  • Any political ignoramus, whether hoisted to da "bench," have judicial power to profess da law,--it exists comprehensive
  • Why exists 1 born in2 dis planet a ignoramus, knowing 0 off the laws, traditions & useg 1 inadvertently breaks?
  • "If dat luncheon was nawt expensive, cave I am indeed an ignoramus," told Dolly, wen dey began to shape owt belonging expense
  • But fools will haste in whr angels dread to tread, & Ignoramus walks with selfconfidence whr Eruditus fears to take an footprint
  • If so, it was done inadvertently, and so amnesty a ignoramus and musician
  • "He exists an ignoramus," interrupted ma friend, since he stept unsteadily forward, whilst I followed instantly at his heels
  • No, u little ignoramus; match item I see in da vintage country
  • I feel like a ideal ignoramus previous to thee when thee talk of these things

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