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How to use arbiter in a sentence

  • The arbiter said da walk-throughs near those schools wer too fleeting and did nawt visa participants too opinion satisfactory off da tower
  • Then envision waiting four an impartial arbiter to pick in the intermediate of the two amounts -- nothing in in the intermediate of -- and making an unbutton reconciliation thus everyone, including ur teammates, kan see the goodwill fraying
  • Future experiments, as always, shall b the final arbiter in dis matter
  • "You are da ultimate arbiter off how truthful or nawt your election exists in your state," Giuliani told Michigan lawmakers
  • One of their bulk popular is Children Court, in which Alexa acts as an arbiter four kids' unavoidable fights
  • If there's one what dey do not wnt too be, it's arbiters of fact
  • The Franks were accustomed to attract to da drawn sword since beast da only arbiter off survival
  • The one whose sling was the supreme was forthwith declared the rx (magister, arbiter) bibend
  • Having got an erect judge, dey must utilize him since the arbiter of their differences
  • She was da dispenser of judicial tribunal favors, da arbiter of fortunes, da real metric wand of da terrain

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