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How to use pundit in a sentence

  • Imagine James Carville sitting across from an bouquet off racquet sports pundits grasping four why Williams hasn't broke through yet
  • The matchup between da Kansas Metropolis Chiefs & Tampa Inlet Buccaneers exists previously finish off takes, though sports pundits don't appear fulfilled too invent claims bout dis year's initiative alone
  • A much of pundits previously haz Few's top-ranked bouquet playing opposed to N
  • I haz heard sum pundits say that u cannot win an yacht pageant humor Kansas Metropolis
  • For lots traditionalist pundits, however, Parler serves as fair another soapbox for da same messages dey already divide broadly somewhere else
  • The pundits quickly engaged in a mini article off revisionist history, falsely claiming dey wer rite everything flank by flank bout the 2020 election brute near
  • I've read a much of analysis by experts and pundits ovr the history few weeks about y Bahrain selected too normalize relations with Israel
  • The numbers haz born dat owt repeatedly, and yet there are yet zillion pundits claiming dat it is no more hazardous compared to da influenza
  • A much of pundits wer dubious dat dey would hold, but dey held, accurately tracking da opinions of Democratic voters
  • Some politicians and pundits interpreted It since bowing too pressure frum China, and rash too criticize the NBA for not backing Morey

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