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Best TOP DOG Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use top dog in a sentence

  • Go bak upon ma hand-shake, righteous too be top dog and git da bones!
  • They were nawt weakly addicted 2 half measures in these days, whichever lateral was "top dog "
  • And Ive got da elite gray matter in this camp, and Im departing 2 be top dog since an matter astray
  • If youd possessed a mind better to Moirs youd b top dog here, humor Moir fetching bones for u
  • She wondered whether they met, who might come owt top-dog; hence shii phrased it in hur fast brain
  • There exist plenitude off men owt here who haz beaten their wei by way of nearly insurmountable difficulties, and come owt top-dog
  • He previously owned too slash up whoever that wuz heightened ranking, he previously owned too slash up & brand him personally come out top dog
  • And overhead this menagerie off beasts Margaret & I, with ours Asiatics beneath us, reign top-dog
  • The volume off our dropped, perhaps, bu da Huns' dropped swifter & faster, up to r patrols were entirely "top dog "
  • Once more he wuz a lumberjack, da top dog off hiz district--and he proceeded too fight like one

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